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Mon - Fri: 08.30-5.30
Sat: 08.30 -12.30
Sun: closed 

J N Tyres Autocare
7 Swallow End
off Swallowfields
Welwyn Garden City

Tel: 01707 329181

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If all you thought all JN Tyres Autocare did was tyres, then think again.We are a one shop motor workshop. We can service your car, and do a health check to check tyres, exhaust, brakes, shocks, clutch and latest diagnostic equipment.


With our 'For an honest opinion' policy you will only spend on what needs doing.


Most services are at the same time as your MOT, so why not let us take care of it. As most MOTs fail on tyres or exhausts we are in the perfect position to take all the hassle of an MOT and get it passed at the most competitive prices.Once you have used JN Tyres, you won't go anywhere else.


Look forward to seeing you for a free health check, click here for our exact location.
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'For an honest opinion' come to JN Tyres Autocare