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Mon - Fri: 08.30-5.30
Sat: 08.30 -12.30
Sun: closed 

J N Tyres Autocare
7 Swallow End
off Swallowfields
Welwyn Garden City

Tel: 01707 329181

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JN Tyres Autocare prides itself on it's comprehensive range of tyres, from the leading brand to the lesser known brands which provide high quality combined with incredible value.





When you bring your vehicle to
JN Tyres Autocare, we provide you with what you need, not what we want to sell you. We provide a free tyre check and only change the tyre for a tyre that you need.



Our policy of 'for an honest opinion' is exactly that. The policy is shown in the price we give you, which includes the tyre, balancing, and VAT. NO HIDDEN EXTRAS ON YOUR BILL!




Arrived at work and notice you have a puncture? This normally means missing lunch and changing the tyre. Phoning around for the best price, and leaving work early to get to a garage before it closes.



At JN Tyres Autocare, we offer a service where we will come to your place of employment and change the tyre. For more information, click here.


Look forward to seeing you for a free health check, click here for our exact location.

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'For an honest opinion' come to JN Tyres Autocare